Dusty Road Design & Print Brisbane


POSTERS are versatile and quick to install. We print onto a variety of different materials such as banner, paper, and tear proof synthetic paper.

Posters can be hung with rails, wropes, or poles depending on your location and needs.
They can be hung at the front of a shop, or from the ceiling inside a store.

STATIC CLING is is a self-clinging white film which requires no adhesive, applies quickly to glass and most smooth polished surfaces and is easily removed. 

Static cling can be reapplied hundreds of times without any loss of quality.

These signs will stick to any flat nonporous surface. They are a good solution to regular seasonal sale signage or messages on shop front glass.

Some of the benefits of static cling:
> Easy to install
> Stick on, Peel off, hundreds of times
> Apply to inside or outside of glass
> Print any size, Cut to any shape!!
> Vibrant and glossy

poster clips